of Bogalusa


Presbyterian Church


   On November 11, 1907, First Presbyterian Chuch became a church in the Presbytery of New Orleans. There were eighteen charter members. Since then, the church has grown in membership and programs. The original church building, dedicated on March 20, 1910, is still our sanctuary though it has been renovated and has increased in size through the years. The first session had three elders and the diaconate had four deacons.

The following pastors have led the church:  

Edmond La Vergne 1908-1914

W.P. Chalmers 1915-1918

C.H. Maury 1920-1923

A.H. Ziemer 1923-1927

A.C. Ingram 1927-1957

Joseph A. Palachek (Associate) 1956-1958

Joseph A. Palachek 1958-1959

Richard C. Wells (Stated Supply) 1960

Roger F. Greenslade 1960-1965

Linard Blanton 1965-1975

Philip L. Stagg 1975 -

Dr. Jim Stayton -Present

    The first Presbyterian work in Bogalusa was begun during the winter of 1906-1907. The first record we have of any Presbyterian service in Bogalusa was when Mr. T.D. Stadler, a railroad agent who moved to Bogalusa from New Orleans, taught a men's Sunday School class in the dining room of the Colonial Hotel. When the hotel needed the space occupied by the Bible Class, Mr. Sadler had the class meet at his home on Avenue D.

   The first regular meeting place for the Sunday School class and preaching service was the auditorium of the school building and was located on Avenue B in the block north of the present Post Office building. Reverend J.M. Williams, (now deceased) who was Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Covington, Louisiana, was the first minister to hold preaching services for the Presbyterians in the new town.

   When there were eighteen men and women interested in forming a church in Bogalusa a commission was sent from Presbytery in New Orleans to orgranize a Church. The meeting occurred on November 11, 1907. The commission of Presbytery consisted of W.T. Palmer, J.C. Barr, George Summey, J.G. Hardie, and Reverend J.M. Williams.